Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Plan

2013 has been deemed the Year of the Pie.  It's also being called the Year of the Elastic Waistband, but that's a whole other story.

I decided I needed to make a few "rules" for my pie project:

1. I'm only making sweet pies, no savory ones.

2. I'm not creating my own recipes- seriously, I don't think I know enough yet to come up with my own recipe.  Since I don't have a family heritage of baking, I plan to test out other people's recipes to see what I want to pass on to my kids (and I will give credit to the creator/source.)

3. Crusts must be homemade- no frozen dough or premade graham cracker crusts.

4. If the recipe has a crust method included I will use it; otherwise I can use whatever crust I want.

5. Each week is a different pie.  However, there can be variations of a type of pie.  I'm guessing we'll have a few different apples along the way.


Introducing my helpers  

I have two little helpers on this project.  Since this is the internet, we'll refer to them as the Big One and the Little One.  Both have been "baking" since they were 18 months old and know their way around a kitchen.  As evidence see the following:

The Little One- 2012
The Big One- 2010
It's pretty funny how serious they look...

And yes, caught in the background I am wearing a muumuu like nightgown.  In my defense, I was pregnant with the Little One.  However, I have the feeling I might be wearing that nightgown 24/7 after eating all this pie.

They're very excited about the pie project.  Well, at least the Big One is.  The Little One doesn't really talk too much.  But she likes to eat, so once she gets pie, she'll be more excited.

Off to find more recipes...


  1. Your readers are ready!

  2. I think you should consider something containing rhubarb. Give the rhubarb some love.

  3. I am very surprised at the sheer number of requests I have gotten for rhubarb pie. I'm adding it to the list- despite the fact that I dislike it! I think I can take a vacation from eating pie for one week (or maybe I'll bake two that week!)